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► Luciana Cabral Moreno

► Youngest of 3; Dimas and Joaquina are her two older half-siblings.

► She's the accidental result of an affair her mother had with a dude she had no idea was a werewolf and to this day Luciana's mother is 100% convinced this whole werewolf baby thing is a curse from God for her adulterous ways and at this point Luciana's just kinda like "yeah ok mom"

► Luciana has long since figured out that she's the Weird Illegitimate Wolf Child because Dimas has never had any idea how to not run his goddamn mouth; her relationship with her mom and her mom's husband is super weird and strained but her half-siblings adore her, and she doesn't know about her biological father at all and her mother broke off the affair without any reasoning as soon as she found out she was pregnant.

► Showed some of her friends her Cool Wolf Powers when she was in elementary school and they freaked the fuck out and her family had to move and so Cool Wolf Powers very quickly became Unfortunate Wolf Bullshit We Just Aren't Going To Tell Anyone About.

► Overbearingly friendly and energetic because she puts a lot of work into being a good friend and fun to be around to make up for all the weird stuff she does to keep the werewolf secret on lockdown.

Ultra paranoid about getting the werewolf thing found out so she goes to ridiculous lengths to make sure no one catches on—which means she's always darting away out of nowhere, cancelling things last-minute, avoiding completely innocuous things, getting piqued by other completely innocuous things, etc etc etc.

► Super self-conscious about the Unfortunate Wolf Bullshit We Just Aren't Going To Tell Anyone About; her family's comfort levels with it are all some level of "still vaguely unsettled" and having everyone be super anxious about you gets exhausting.

► Keeps all sorts of bizarre canine behaviors even when she's not actually currently a wolf: cats are the worst, things that move quickly are very distracting, other dogs and their territories are to be avoided completely, people coming back after leaving for a while is the most exciting thing in the entire world, and so on.

► Loyal to the point of being straight-up territorial about her friends; she very very rarely gets angry but when she does it's always on a friend's behalf and she gets scary. Luciana definitely does not look capable of of punching somebody's lights out but she is, she'll totally do it, and more than once it has taken like five people's combined and intense efforts to tear her off of some unfortunate asshole who did not understand what her friend's "fuck off" meant (on the bright side: she has a guaranteed invite to every barhopping and clubbing escapade her female friends go on).

► Capable of shifting between human/werewolf/actual wolf forms more or less as she pleases, with the exception of full moons (stuck as a wolf from sunset to sundown) and new moons (no transforming at all).

► Has to eat a ton of meat so she doesn't get hungry enough to lose control and start gnawing on people; every now and again she just turns into a wolf and goes romping around forests ripping apart deer.

► Her appetite is straight-up monstrous in general; if you put food in front of her, she will eat it, and she will not stop eating until there is no longer food in front of her. Like dogs, though, she gets sick if she eats chocolate, garlic, grapes, and so on.

► Touching silver at all burns her skin really badly.

► Her particular brand of lycanthropy is hereditary, but she could theoretically transfer it by biting someone. She isn't actually sure herself if that's how it works but she's not about to go testing it.

► When she gets sick, her ability to maintain one form or another diminishes; if it's closer to a full moon she's more likely to slip into/get stuck in her wolf form, and vice-versa with the new moon. Sometimes she'll sneeze and suddenly have a tail, or she'll get a case of the hiccups and go from girl to wolf and back again and then girl but now with ears and then the ears go away and nope now she's a wolf again and it's awful.

► Dimas always does the thing where he idly tosses a tennis ball around in his hands for a bit and then pretends to throw it and she falls for it EVERY SINGLE TIME and gets SO MAD ABOUT IT.

► It takes so much self-control not to growl at passing cats but she has mastered the art.


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